Metin 2 Paradise private servers

How to install

Metin 2 Private Servers - Paradise

How to Connect Metin2 Paradise Private Server


- You need to download Hamachi client

- Install and open Hamachi
- Go to Network tab (in Hamachi window) and click on "Join an existing network..."
- Network ID : m2zaken, m2zaken1, 2, 3 ...40 (you dont need password)


- Download Metin 2 Zaken full client
- Extract the client archive anywere in your computer
- Enter the Metin 2 Zaken folder, open config.exe to set your rezolution
- Open mc.txt (inside Metin2Zaken folder) and edit the existing ip with
- Run Metin2Zaken.exe


-Create an account and have fun!!!